Scheduling Questions:


Q. What if I have other tours planned for my day in Juneau?

A. Not a problem! When booking your reservation, please tell us what tour you have scheduled already.   If time allows, we can either pick you up from your finished tour or drop you off there after our whale watching tour. Knowing your time in Juneau is limited, we are willing to work within your time frame to make the most of your experience.   


Q. What if my party is traveling with more than six people?

A. Since the boat is only certified to hold six passengers or less there are a couple different options:

1. We can take part of your tour at one time and the other part right after.

2. If available, I can arrange another captain with a six pack boat and both boats can run at the same time.
3. I can recommend to you companies with larger boats that would be able to accommodate your whole party.



Q. What is Square Invoice and why can’t I just call you with my credit card number?

A. Square Invoice is an online payment service that is secure and reliable. (if you are interested in seeing how it is secured please visit It became available to small businesses last summer and is being called the “new” PayPal.  If you would still rather call in a credit card number, you are welcome to do so—however please allow 24 hours for a response.


Q. Do you ask for a deposit? 

A. Yes, we ask for a 20% deposit at the time that you confirm your reservation. 


Q. Am I reserved before I pay my deposit?

A. No, reservations are on a first come first serve basis, if you fail to pay your deposit in a timely manner you may lose your tour time to other passengers who pay their deposit first. Exceptions are made for international travelers on different time zones that have difficulty calling to US time zones--this exception must be asked for and approved. Until you have received a reservation confirmation email with a confirmation number at the top you have not been fully reserved. Currently we are receiving reservations a year and half in advance. 

Transportation Questions:

Q. Is transportation included in the price?

A. Yes! If you are arriving on a cruise ship this means we will pick you up at the dock at which your cruise ship arrives, bring you to the harbor for your tour and return you back downtown after the tour.

If you travelled to Juneau independent of the cruise ships and are staying in town locally, we can also accommodate picking up and dropping you off at wherever you are staying.


Q. Does the three hours include transportation time?

A. No, the three hours referenced refers to three hours of time on board the boat. The land transportation adds another hour to the tour time.

For example, if we schedule to meet in downtown Juneau at 0800, you will be dropped off downtown again (after your tour) at 1200.

Tour Questions:

Q. What type of whales can I expect to see? 

A. Humpback Whales! Captain Steve has seen Humpback Whales on 100% his tours. There is also a chance of seeing Orca Whales (about 15% of tours) and Minke Whales (about 1% of tours).


Q. Is there other wildlife we can see?

A. Yes! We have the potential to see lots of other wildlife, including Bald Eagles, Stellar Sea Lions, Harbor Seals, Dalls Porpoise, Harbor Porpoise and many different types of sea birds.


Q. How long am I actually on the water?

A. You will be on the water for a total of three hours, on our standard tour.


Q. How often do you see whales on tours? Is there a better time of day to see them?

A.    Captain Steve has seen Humpback Whales 100% of the time on his tours. He has taken tours at all times of the day and the amount of whales seen at a certain time of day varies from day to day.


Q. How close can our captain get to the whales?

A. Since Humpback Whales are still endangered, it is federal law that all vessels must stay 100 yards away. We are also not allowed to cut off their movements to make them move closer to the boat. If these laws are broken then the captain risks thousands of dollars in fines—it is in everyone’s best interest, whales included, if these laws are respected.


Q. Is there a restroom on the boat?

A. Yes! It is a marine head—meaning it is very small, but fully functioning.


Q. Is the boat covered?

A. Yes! The boat is fully covered with doors to the front bow and back deck that close for protection from the wind and rain. In contrast on warm days the windows and back door can be left open to cool the cabin.


Q. Are smoking, alcohol or drugs allowed on board the boat?

A. No they are not. We are sorry if this proves to be an inconvenience, however we chose to do this for the general safety of passengers onboard.


Q. What happens if we miss our cruise ship?

A. We are aware of cruise ship port times and will not schedule a tour if the departure is less than an hour of when our tour ends.  If, for reasons beyond our power, we are not able to get you to your cruise ship on time, we will make sure you make it to your next port whether we fly you or take you there by boat ourselves.  For the enjoyment of our passengers, we strive to make our tours fun and stress free.  If passengers are too worried that their ship will leave without them then this creates a stressful environment for passengers as well as the captain—so we avoid those feelings as much as possible!


Weather/Cancellation Questions:

Q. What can I expect from Juneau weather?

A. Rain! The area around Juneau is considered a temperate rain forest and chances are high that it will rain.


Q. How often do passengers get sick?

A. It is extremely rare for a passenger to get sick. The waters that surround Juneau are “inside waters”, which means that we will not be on open ocean waters during the tour. However, if the wind is strong the water can get rough. If you are prone to seasickness, a couple Dramamine may be a good idea. Just in case. ☺


Q. What happens if the water is too rough?

A. If the water gets too rough you will be notified as soon as possible that the tour will be cancelled and a 100% refund will be given.


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. If you cancel 14 days before your tour date you will receive a 100% refund of your deposit. After that date, your 20% deposit will be forfeited.


Q. What if we sleep in and miss our tour?

A. If you sleep in or end up at the wrong pick up location—please contact us as soon as possible. We will do our very best to accommodate the delay and reschedule you if we can. However, if we are not able to reschedule you then the 20% deposit will be forfeited.